Cal Transportation Team was founded in 2016 as a spinoff of Cal ITE. We compete in the ASCE Mid-Pacific Transportation competition, planning and designing a solution to a given prompt. The team has many members from different backgrounds working on planning, operations, and design of transportation systems. The team also runs a DeCal class so students can get academic credit for their work.

The Competition

The Prompt

This year, the prompt requires teams to plan a streetcar which goes through downtown Sacramento. We must conform to regulations and right of way restrictions provided by the city. After we develop a solution, we submit a number of deliverables including a technical summary, informational poster, cost estimate, signal timing sheet, roadway profiles, site plans, and cross sections. More on the competition can be found here.

Riverfront Streetcar

The prompt this year is based off an actual ongoing project in Sacramento called the Riverfront Streetcar (more about it on their website here). We have drawn much of our inspiration from the planners and engineers who are working on this project professionally.

The Team


Henry Hammel

Project Manager

Jasper Lee

Deputy Project Manager

Johnny Menhennet

Planning Lead

Marissa Milam

Operations Lead

Emily You

Design Lead


Janette Choi

Oscar Fung

Davis Horeff

Lisa Hsu

Amy Huang

Haruka Ichikawa

Carlos Jiminez

Brian Kim

James Lee

Samantha Liu

Cheuk Ming Ng

Arisa Nguyen

Christopher Palacios

Dan Park

Melissa Perez

Matthew Takara

Jason Tang

Nicholette Tolmie

Trevor Wu

Oliver Yu

Blair Zhang

Join Us

Our team is just getting established and we welcome all interested students. We welcome more than just civil engineers; our current team consists of members from other disciplines such as Urban Planning and Political Science.

Learn New Skills

Designers on the team work together in AutoCAD, a vital software used in engineering but not taught by many classes. Team members who work in operations learn how to use Synchro and Vissim to model traffic conditions, just like consultants in the field. Cal Transportation Team allows its members to get hands-on experience with professional software through in-class workshops.

Industry Connections and Resources

Joining Cal Transportation team provides valuable connections within the transportation industry. Our current advisors work in prestigious research institutes, innovative agencies, and private firms. These connections and the work experience provided by the project make our students competitive candidates for internships and entry level positions.


Fill out this form to apply for our DeCal (can be taken for 1 or 2 units). We meet every Tuesday 6-8 pm at 220 Jacobs Hall.