Our partners and affiliates bring diverse opportunities to Cal ITE students. In return, Cal ITE also provides students of partner organizations with exposure to the Transportation Field. 

Jacobs Institute

In November 2017, Cal ITE registered with the Jacobs Institute. With a strong interest in
transportation design work, we were happy to join the Jacobs family of design-centered
organizations. As part of our affiliation, Cal ITE is listed on Jacobs’ website, and enjoys special access
to rooms and resources in Jacobs Hall, a brand new interactive space ideal for workshops and student

Engineering Student Council

Starting in August 2017, Cal ITE is also officially registered with the Engineering Student Council as an engineering club. As part of this agreement, Cal ITE works with other engineering clubs across disciplines, promotes our events in their newsletter, and receives some supplemental funding.

Berkeley Urban Studies Students Association

Bussa is our counterpart in the College of Environmental Design for city planning students. Over
the last year we have worked with Bussa to cohost a number of events, such as the transportation
planning panel and a future event with Nelson\Nygaard. Cal ITE recently signed a memo of
understanding with BUSSA, paving the way for future collaboration between engineers and planners.

American Society of Civil Engineers

Building off of our involvement with the Joint Fundraising Committee, Cal ITE is now much more
closely aligned with Cal ASCE. We work with them to bring transportation opportunities to campus,
and frequently communicate to smooth operations. We also helped Cal ASCE bring transportation
firms into the spring career fair. In March, Cal ITE and Cal ASCE will be holding a joint event to
celebrate our new partnership!


Transoc is a graduate student group of transportation students, primarily focused on transportation research. We have been collaborating with TRANSOC to optimize our operations and plan events in the best interest of both student groups. Cal ITE’s and Transoc’s presidents talk regularly (usually once a week during the semester) to coordinate events and share information. Most recently, Transoc and Cal ITE cohosted general meetings with Kimley-Horn and DKS Associates, as well as a Root Beer Float social. We have also signed a memo of understanding with TRANSOC to further integrate our operations.

Institute of Transportation Studies

Cal ITE works with the Institute of Transportation Studies at Berkeley, a world renowned
research group. Many of our members have worked on faculty research projects for ITS. A number of
research centers, faculty members, and PhD students have presented to the student chapter.

Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

We are now in contact with the department administrator in charge of student news and have been
working with her to post stories on the department website about Cal ITE. We also have improved
access to the department newsletter and room reservations in Davis Hall. We are listed as an official
CEE student club on the website and actively attend new student events.

Cal Transportation Team

Cal ITE works extensively with the Cal Transportation Team, cohosting many events and sharing non-monetary resources.