Our Team

Current Members

Name Position
Michael Leong President
Garett Davis President
Aboli Datey  
Brian Kim  
Bryan Kao  
Jarvis Yuan  
Jordan Collins  
Kady Hsu  
Lee Keslerwest  
Marissa Wade  
Matthew Lin  
Raymond Huang  
Valerie Haines  

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Past Presidents

Below is a list of past presidents whose dedication shaped the club to what it is today.

Cal ITE was founded in 2008 by Gabriel Ho, Grace Lin, Kimberly Leung, Marin Odioso, and Mariana Parreiras.

Name Year
Kimberly Leung 2009-2010
Thomas Wong 2010-2012
Jordan Toy 2012-2014
Nathan Chan & Adrian Dias De Rivera 2014-2015
Sean Yen & Chris Chin 2015-2016
Chris Chin 2016-2017
Henry Hammel 2017-2018
Marissa Milam 2018-2019
Amy Huang 2019-2020